360 Rope’s blog – up & running… again

About time for an update… and hopefully regular posts saying what we’ve been up to.

The back end of 2012 saw 360 Rope giving support to offshore rope access electricians in the Southern North Sea. Level 3 safety supervision – risk assessment, rescue cover  and providing the most appropriate access solutions. From  Aug 2012 on the Viking Bravo in  to the latest work trip  in Feb 2013on the LOGGS platform we have provided Level 3 cover that remains INCIDENT & ACCIDENT FREE!

Going forward… we intend to keep it that way!

Somewhere within the busy schedule we have gained further qualification in PPE Inspection – competent persons. 



North Sea, again.

Back offshore with NDT guys.  Night shift  (the awesome foursome). In and out of the pipe work, Close Visual Inspections and Ultrasonic Testing…in some grim weather. Cold NW winds and big waves slamming the flotel, not dissimilar to the previous offshore trip.

Anyway, coming to the end of the trip, back to normality and some much needed daylight.










Safety for Santas

A few tips for all Santas & little helpers.   (Petzl, rope access equipment manufacturer)

Santa Safety

Take care out there, Risks and Hazards on every job – fires in chimneys, slippery tiles/slates,manual handling implications for presents & night shift work.


Safety Supervision & NDT

Another incident free job in the Central North Sea.

I say, “incident free” the 14 day hitch was cut short due to 100mph+ winds and up to 15m waves.  In fact, the weather was so bad it tore the bridge that connects the flotel to the oil installation. C’est la vie.

A bumpy helicopter ride to the beach and driving home for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Offshore Safety Supervision in the North Sea

Working alongside electricians to provide safe access to Ex electrical instrumentation.

Another incident free job, enabling the platform to build a register of electrical instruments, using rope access safety supervision provided by 360 Rope Solutions Ltd.


Welcome to 360 Rope Solutions

Welcome to 360 Rope Solutions, We will start our blog soon!


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